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Shasta Cascade Fishing Report

Week of: 10/8/18

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Baum Lake-- Good trout action here for the guys tossing flies, especially down towards the dam. 

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Bucks Lake - Kokanee are still available, but they're turning quickly and found near Mill Creek and Bucks Creek inlets.  Brookies are on tap with anything looking like a 2 inch pond smelt, and trollers that hit the lake are doing well.  There are some nice Mackinaw here!

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Eagle Lake-- Guide John Crotty of the Quail Lodge - Lake Almanor Guide Service fished the lake three times last week with friends and they caught limits on all three trips trolling hardware in the top 5 to 15 feet of water.  Lure colors had to be changed up to keep the fish biting.  The low water ramp on the south side is the only usable one, and Eagle Lake Marina is open.  Largest fish was 3.5 pounds.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Fall River-- The Fly Shop reported fly fishing was good using tico and small baetis patterns in sizes 18 to 22.  Callibaetis, leeches, ants, beetles, and dark PT nymphs were all producing.  Fish were mostly 12 to 14 inches with a few to 20 inches.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Feather River-- Raith Heryford of RH Guide Service said, “It’s like the old days on the Feather as the action is the best I have seen in a long time. There are fish taken from the banks off of Star Bend, Yuba City, and Nicholas with Blue Fox spinners. I have been scoring limits on every trip with the Brad’s Cut plug in anything green – green/silver or Dragonfly. You have to have a Dragonfly in the boat at all times. The one-fish limit is working out fine, and one of my clients took home two fillets that wouldn’t fit in a gallon freezer bag from a 27-pound salmon. I haven’t seen it like this, and both the Sacramento and Feather River are loaded with fish.”

-Courtesy of USA Fishing

Frenchman Lake --  No current report.

 - Courtesy of Goodwin's General Store 

Hat Creek --  The Wild Trout Section has been good with ants, beetles, and hoppers, along with nymphs for foot long fish with a few to 20 inches or so.  Can't beat a mini 'crawler for the bait section.

- Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Keswick Lake -- Shut down due to Carr Fire.

-Courtesy of Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association


Lake Almanor -- First rain of the season hit last week, according to guide John Crotty of Quail Lodge, and the water temperature is in the low to mid 60's. Strong winds have made fishing tough.  Crotty trolled between 25 and 45 feet and caught one quality fish and a few small ones in an hour on Speedy Shiners.  Bankies are getting some small fish at Geritol Cove.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Lake Britton --  Producing fast action crappie fishing, with anglers getting easy limits.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Lake Oroville -- Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 - Tom Gronwall

Decent fishing today. Got launched at 5:30 am, stopped fishing right at 9:30 am. Fished the point at the end of the boat dock first, and picked up 14 spots, spent 1 1/4 hours working back and forth. No giants, but all decent 13 to 13 1/2" fish. Remember, catch a fish, stay on the location, working it, as so many times the spots are schooled up. Second stop, nothing!! held fish last week. Third location gave up 9 fish, and a little better size with one 15", one 14 1/2", one 14" and the rest 13 1/2" for a total of 23 spots. Seems better fish are coming around as the water cooled down to 78.5 degrees. Just about all fish hooked right at 30-35 foot mark. Hardly any breeze this am, making for easy boat holding on location. Wild guess, but figure Lime Saddle has 7 weeks left before running out of ramp water. Lake dropped 25 feet last month, only 48.39 feet of water left before ramp closes at 712 feet.

-Courtesy of Western Bass 


Lewiston Lake -- Pine Cove Marina reported great fly fishing for rainbows 5 to 8 pounds using Wooly Buggers on an intermediate sinker just outside the marina. Trollers using a Sep's Side Kick/'crawler, or spoons in orange or red were picking up some fish to 10 pounds!! Bait fishermen were scoring mostly limits.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop / Western Outdoor News


Lower Sacramento River -- 

Salmon are showing more and more in corning I've been picking up some good fish one day bait one day lures traffic is starting so weekdays would be better for less pressure.

Call (530) 515-5951 Kirk Portocarrero "remember we've been in business since 1988!"

-Courtesy of


Manzanita Lake–  No current report.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


McCloud Reservoir -- No current report.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

McCloud River - The Fly Shop reported good fly fishing in the Nature Conservatory section for giant brown trout coming out of Shasta Lake to spawn.  The best action was on streamers, Possie Buggers, AP and Dark Lord nymphs in the deeper runs and pools.  Dry fly anglers can score on Missing Links and maybe the October Caddis, which should be turning on soon as the weather cools.

-Courtesy of The Fly ShopWestern Outdoor News

Medicine Lake -- No current report.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Pit River - High water releases by PG&E were making wading treacherous at times - check release levels before venturing fourth. Dark Nymphs - rubber legs, Dark Lords.  Possie Bugger- streamers, Wolly Buggers, and sculpin worked on the bottom, and were good for 12 to 14 inch trout with few to over 20 inches.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Sacramento River - Fall is here !  And so are the King Salmon. King salmon fishing on the Sacramento River is going great, starting to pick up some nice steelhead, too. Now is the time to get a date set, we still have a few days available in October.
November and December will bring a few needed rain drops and BIG salmon. Some of the largest salmon we have ever caught have been in the month of November.  The salmon season is open until December 16, 2018.  Let's go catch some fish!  Celebrate Fall with some smoked salmon. Book your trip today. (530) 515-5951 text or call

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Shasta Lake -- Surface temps are about 70 degrees, the lake is 90 feet from full and anglers are doing well on big rainbows in the main body where they're feeding on shad.  Most of the fish are down 100 to 12 feet trolling 2.2 mps over the deep water channels, according to Jeff Goodwin Guide Service.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Siskiyou Lake -- We have had some wind, and rain in the area.  Conditions are improving greatly. Temps: Highs 60s Lows 40s, dipping down to 30s next week.

-Courtesy ofShasta Cascade Wonderland Association

Trinity Lake -- Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors said if you like solitude, you'll like Trinity Lake this time of year.  Most of the businesses up there are shut down for the season.  Angler effort is very low with most of the local attention focused on the salmon in the Trinity River.  Anglers could be catching a bass or two between deer hunting seasons despite low water level.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


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