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Shasta Cascade Fishing Report

Week of: Dec 11, 2017

(If there is no new reports, the previous report remains)

Please check 2016-17 freshwater sport fishing regulations and recent Trout Plants:

2016 - 2017 Fishing Regulations and info:


 Current Planting:  



Baum Lake -- Baum Lake is a great option in the winter, the hatches continue throughout the season and usually consist of Baetis and midges. Swinging leeches or Woolley Buggers is a solid choice to get grabs from the larger fish. If it's warm enough you can target rising fish with dries. This spring creek lake will always reward your efforts!  Try fishing one of Jay Fair's Burnt Orange Wiggle Tails or Zack's Swimming Leech on a Cortland Clear Camo Intermediate Fly Line.  This east side venue is a worthwhile spot to cast your next fly. Bring your pontoon boat, pram, driftboat or float tube. Get on the water early for best dry fly chances throwing #18 Adams or BWO patterns. Fish midge nymphs mid day.

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Bucks Lake -- Not much attention seen here as marina shut down for the winter.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Eagle Lake -- Few anglers are on the lake with the marina shut down for the winter.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Fall River -- Now closed for the season.

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Feather River -- The Feather River fishing report for king salmon fishing is up and down. Most salmon are being caught out of outlet which has lots of boats and 100 bank fishermen.   If you are into boat banging try it out, we are not fans of large crowds. We have been focusing on the Sac River for salmon and doing just as well or better, with less pressure on the water.  For less crowds, stay on the Sacramento River. Striped Bass Fishing - Feather River Bass Fishing- The Feather River was producing nice striped bass. The bass fishing starting to slow as we move into summer. A few fish will follow the salmon up river so we may see a few stripers caught during salmon season. Using live bait is best bet for these tough fighting fish. They are quite feisty so they are lots of fun to fish for and catch. Weather is great. Ranging in size from 4 pound to 12 pound bass. 

-Courtesy of SacRiverGuide.com


Hat Creek -- Now closed for the season.

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Keswick Lake -- Suspending Bird's Nests, midge patterns and Pseudo Mays under indicators will work well. Suspended your nymphs under an indicator. Use BB shot to sink your nymphs when fishing the edges of the swirly water found in the upper reservoir. Look for the fish in the slower swirls along the edges above Crystal Creek. The key is moving up into the moving water section of Keswick. Fishing the eddies next to the banks, between boulders, where it's shallow can be productive. Stay low Fishing a Deep-7 on a 7-weight fly rod, stripping buggers has been productive. Updated:  02/09/17

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Klamath River -- With the releases below 1,000 CFS from Iron Gate the upper Klamath should be in good shape soon. We haven't had any reports, but some half-pounders should be showing up soon with the overall flows dropping throughout the drainage. It won't be long before this river will have some adults to chase. The Fly Shop's® Tips: Fishing egg patterns in orange, pink or champagne get's fly rods bent. Suspend your egg patterns under rubber legs, 3-D nymphs should get you into fish. Fly rods from 6wt to 7wt are perfect in lengths of 9' to 9'.5. Switch rods are popular and make casting very easy. Spey rods fit in well on the Klamath river.

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Lake Almanor -- The lake received over 2 inches of rain and added another 1/2 inch Thursday morning.  The super ditch was just flowing, but won't last long.  The forecast for the next week is more mild, wet weather with lows in the 30s and highs ranging from the low 50s to a predicted high of 63 by midweek, unseasonably warm, which could make for great fishing conditions.  Some anglers braved the 19-degree temperatures to catch rainbows, fast trolling hardware north of Rec. 2.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Lake Oroville -- A few decent 4-5 pound Steelhead have been caught in the high flow section of the Feather River using night crawlers with the additives of Pro-Cure Anise and hot pink bait oil according to Craig Bentley at Huntington’s Sportsman’s Store in Oroville. 

 The Afterbay has been slow but the action is steady at Lake Oroville for bass at around 30 feet using jigs, shaky head, dart head and drop shot worms. Also there has been a wide open bite on 10-12 inch land-locked Coho Salmon on just about any offering with minnows a good bet. With the Coho bite being so active using swimbaits for bass may entice a big one to bite. It just might be worth a try.

-Courtesy of MyOutdoorBuddy.com


Lewiston Lake -- Trout fishing remains good on Power Baits for shore anglers near the marina, while up river areas continue to be good for trollers and bait dunkers.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Sacramento River -- Sacramento River salmon fishing is improving daily. 4 to 10 salmon being caught a day now. The salmon are here. Seeing limits. Size of salmon is averaging 10  to 15 pounds, with a few salmon 25 pounds plus. More salmon are arriving every day. Fishing all Northern areas of the Sacramento River, the King salmon are heading upriver, so the upper sections of the Sacramento River, above Sacramento Ca, have larger numbers of fish congregating in deep holes, with higher success of catching these beautiful Chinook King salmon, as seen below. Techniques used are back trolling Flat fish lures and bouncing roe. 

-Courtesy of SacRiverGuide.com


Manzanita Lake -- We've had some reports of some good numbers of smaller fish being taken lately. Fish are taking midges and some small Baetis patterns. A good tactic to try during the warm summer months is to fish a leech pattern on an intermediate line. Pay attention to the special regulations here, especially where you can and can't fish. Barbless hooks, artificial lures, catch and release. Make sure you inquire at the park entrance. The Fly Shop's® Tips: Try a #18 non-beaded Pheasant Tail Nymph slowly retrieved on a floating line, or Airflo STREAMER MAX Sink Tip Line. Small #20 Midge patterns suspended under a small indicator should also work. Hunt the edges of the weeds and along shadows. Retrieving buggers and or leeches is a well known solution to tricking the more aggressive fish that hold in the weeds and deeper sections. Taper your leaders to 5x or 6x. Using a float tube or a pontoon boat, paddle out into the lake and look along the edges for cruising rainbows and browns. Airflo STREAMER MAX Sink Tip Line is a perfect line for retrieving and stripping Pheasant tail nymphs. Bring a float-tube so you can get out and cast towards the bank. It's tough to position your presentation from the shore. Too many obstacles to throw that back cast into. and Callibaetis. Use a floating line and leader tapered to 6x with a bead head PT with a very, very, very slow retrieve. Fish will find your nymph and take it, but don't set the hook! Just lift and let line out until you can bend the rod without first breaking the fish off. 

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


McCloud River - Flows are great up top on the McCloud with a release of about 270 CFS from the lake. Golden Stones are ovipositing up by Ash Camp and daily the caddis hatch continues to pick up steam elsewhere on the river. Look for them to line up their bombing runs late in the day and tie on a big Chubby Chernobyl. Fish the glassy water and pockets. Splat it in there, finesse . Green Drakes further down can be on the fishes' menu on cloudy days. Some large brown trout have been hooked on sculpin patterns. The McCloud will be a great destination through the summer.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


Pit River - Areas 3 and 4 are fair for trout action for fly anglers working midges and leeches.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Shasta Lake  -- Good action is reported, but bass are consistently in the 2-pound range, with few above that weight.  A typical limit will run about 12 pounds.  The lake level is down about 50 feet from the high-water mark.  The trout trollers are still picking up rainbow trout with lures behind flashers at depths from 30 to 50 feet.  Crappie fishing is good in most brushy areas and near docks.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Trinity Lake -- Fishing remains slow with a few bass and trout caught, but there are not many anglers out.  Most are fishning for trout in the river below the dam.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Trinity River -- The Trinity River supports a healthy andronomous run of steelhead. Throughout the seasons on the We start targeting the famous steelhead of the Trinity River from September through February. The fish average 24-28 inches , 4-8 pounds with an occasional 12 pound steelhead.  From the Lewiston Dam downstream to the Lewiston Bridge  is the dedicated Fly Fishing Only section, from April to September.  This pristine area  is produces great fly fishing opportunities for steelhead fishing on the Trinity River.

- Courtesy of SacRiverGuide.com


Whiskeytown Lake -- Fishing remains slow for bass and trout anglers.

-Courtesy of SacRiverGuide.com


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