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Shasta Cascade Fishing Report

Week of: 7/12/18

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(Our fishing report is updated as new information becomes available)

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Baum Lake-- Trout fishing remains fair for bait anglers, but slowed a little for fly anglers.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Bucks Lake - Action has been fair for trout to 2 pounds on baits and spinners.  Best action is at the mouths of creeks at the back of the lake.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Eagle Lake-- Trout fishing has been good with fish to 3 pounds caught and the best baits have been Red Dog lures by Sure Catch Baits.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Fall River-- Good trout action reported here in the evenings with a good hex hatch for fly anglers.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Feather River-- Sacramento River, in the Redding area, fishing for Rainbow trout is excellent for both fly fishing and spin fishing. Drifting roe is best bet for catching lots of fish.  We are producing nice size Rainbows, 16 to 20 inches,  with 15 to 35 fish days. Weather in the 70's.  For fly fishing, PMD's and Egg patterns are working well.  Some dry fly fishing in late afternoons. Weather has been prime for catching these beautiful Rainbows, water low and clear.

-Courtesy of Sac River Guide

Frenchman Lake -- Lake is open.  No current report.

 - Courtesy of Goodwin's General Store 

Hat Creek --  I have been fishing the rifle portions of hat creek. Czech Nymphing with a small soft tackle, size 16-18 as my top fly and the dropper has been a small jig style fly with a tungsten bead, size 14. This has been producing incredible action for 6-12 inch fish with the occasional large trout, 14-20 inch. If early morning fishing is your thing don’t forget the Trico Spinner Fall. 

- Courtesy of HarvestWild


Keswick Lake -- Keswick Reservoir is open to fishing year round, and fishes well throughout the year. That said, we've found that the best times of year on Keswick are the winter, spring, and early summer, from November through June. Access on this stretch of water is very limited; our guides utilize jet boats to motor upstream and drift back down.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


Lake Almanor -- There's not much point in complicating trout fishing now, just go slow and run deep.  Nightcrawlers and Gulp! baits, with or without dodgers on a size 6 or 8 hook will catch trout.  Bass fishermen are targeting fish in deeper water, throwing plastics.  rocky points and docks provide safe havens and hold fish.  The Hex Hatch is winding down and fishing pressure has decreased significantly.  Anglers will still find Hex's hatching, just not the concentrations witnessed over the past few weeks.  Pond smelt are beginning to show up in coves and while there are no large concentrations of smelt, that could change quickly.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Lake Britton --  Producing fast action crappie fishing, with anglers getting easy limits.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Lake Oroville -- Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
By Tom Gronwall
Water Temp: 73-74, elevation 815.92

Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

Report: Launched about 5:30 am at Lime Saddle and fished till 9:30 am. Tried the drop off again, not nearly as super as last trip, picked up just 8 fish, then went to N. Fork and got another 18 for 26 fish today. Size kind of sucked, just 2 14", with about half the rest 13- to just shy of 14", the other half 11-12" tiny ones. Surprised at how much algae is in the water, and so soon in the season. Some areas cloudy, with clump like algae, other areas clear as can be. Guess the algae is good for the hatch this year, as fry need food!! Water 73-74 range and with warmer water, so many runts along the shore line. Surprised again at how calm and no winds.

-Courtesy of Western Bass 


Lewiston Lake -- Lewiston remains a good option right now. More Callibaetis will come off when it's sunny. Find the edges of the old river channel and fish that drop off. The dragon fly nymphs are very active right now, so to take a break from fishing midges, try stripping a Brown or Olive Woolley Bugger on an I-Line. Better yet, tie on a Balanced Leech and fish it under an indicator. Brown is a good color on this little reservoir.

Dry Flies:
Hackle Stackers - BWO #18, Parachute Adams - #14-18, Mayfly Cripples

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Ultra Scuds - #16, Chromies - #18-20, Mercer's CB Micro May - Black #18, Flashback Pheasant Tail - #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midges - #18-20, Mercer's Gidgets

Streamers & Leeches:
JGF Translucent Wiggle Tail, Woolly Bugger - Any, Beadhead Crystal Buggers - #8, Zack's Swimming Leech - #8, Zack's Damseleech - Orange/Olive

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


Lower Sacramento River -- 

Summertime hatches are in full swing with Yellow Sallies, PMD’s and Caddis coming off in big numbers. Park Marina to Anderson is fishing well.  We have been finding fish in the shallow rifles which makes using the boat, anchoring and wading to these spots effective. A fun twist from targeting Trout on the Lower Sac is tying on a Woolly Bugger and getting some bass to the net. The Lower Sac holds a healthy population of small and large mouth bass.  While floating this river I love seeing all of the wildlife too. It’s not uncommon to come across, hawks, eagles, blacktail deer, ducks, geese and an occasional coyote. (Shasta Cascade Note: King Salmon Fishing opens July 16th)

-Courtesy of HarvestWild


Manzanita Lake–  No current report.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


McCloud Reservoir -- No current report.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

McCloud River - No current report.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Medicine Lake -- No current report.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Pit River - Trout action remains good for fly fishermen tossing dark-colored flies.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Shasta Lake -- 

Fishing is very good.  The rainbows and occasional browns are all over the main body of the lake and the shad balls are migrating out over open water.  The trout are coming to the net at 1 to 5 pounds.  Bass fishing is good off the points and in the coves.  Water conditions are prime and even with daytime surface temps near 80 degrees, the cold water layer, or thermocline, is sitting at about 45 to 50 feet.  That's where the best fishing is being seen right now, although dropping down as deep as 100 feet can be effective as well.  Smaller shad-sized spoons will take the highest percentage of the trout right now, but trolling bigger gear will get strikes.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Siskiyou Lake -- Massive wildfires are sweeping through much of the area. The best fishing is anywhere else!

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Trinity Lake -- Fishing has been really tough, unless you are interested in catching 6- 10-inch kokanee.  The lake is absolutely loaded with kokanee and there aren't enough of the bigger fish in the system to even put a dent in their massive numbers.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Trinity River -- The season is done. The BOR is releasing the pulse flows and will taper them off over the next month. We are looking forward to this fall when the summer run begins to show up and we can swing for some steel. Check back in August and we'll give you an update on what we expect to see happening this fall.

Trinity River Flows:
Trinity River Releases from Lewiston
Trinity River Flow at Pigeon Point

Shuttle Services:
• Bill & Caryl Dickens (Gold Coast Shuttle) at 530-623-1905 or through their website at 

Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance Cripple - #18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Pat's RubberlegsBrown and Black, #4-8
Mercer's Poxyback GB Hares Ears - #8-14,
TB Solitude Stone - #8,
Lance's X-May - #16, Brown,
Mercer's Gold Bead Biot Epoxy Golden Stone - #8-10

Clown Egg - #4-10,
M.C. Redd Reapers
Micro Spawn Eggs - Pink & Salmon Egg,
Boles Bazookas - #8

Streamers & Leeches:
Beadhead Crystal Buggers - Any,
CH Kiwi Muddlers, Freshwater Clouser - Any

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop


Whiskeytown Lake-- Well we found a few big balls of shad this morning, landing 5 fish over 18" with are largest being 23 inches. All shad pattern lures. Most of our fish the last few days have been on triple teasers 80 feet deep trolling 2mph.  Digger bay was the ticket last few days. Call if your up for a trip, or if you have any questions: 530 515 5951 cell or email: kirk@sacriverguide

-Courtesy of Sac River Guide

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