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Wild West History, Lakes, Mountains & Outstanding Wildlife Viewing

Modoc Country, in the far northeast corner of California, combines a fabulous four-season climate with abundant natural resources and a colorful “Wild-West” history. With less than 10,000 residents, its quiet atmosphere offers a peaceful setting for a family vacation or a private retreat.

Recreation opportunities abound especially in the warm, dry summers, which encourage camping, hiking, fishing, water sports, and many other activities. Truly a land of varied terrain, Modoc Country includes one of California’s most beautiful mountain ranges: the Warner Mountains, with their clear alpine streams and, in contrast, portions of high desert dotted with serene lakes. You can visit turn of-the-century towns, ranches and farmlands in Modoc, often called the “place where the west still lives” and frequently compared to the beautiful expanses of Montana. Abundant marshes, forests, plains and lakes provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife; Modoc Country and the National Wildlife Refuge are home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons, goshawks, golden eagles and many other endangered species. Rocky Mountain mule deer and elk, wild horses, burros and pronghorn antelope are just a few of Modoc Country’s happy inhabitants.

Alturas lies in the broad valley of the Pit River near the center of the county, at the junction of Highways 395 and 299. This hospitable city serves as the commercial center for northeastern California, with a variety of motels as well as a historic hotel, modern and historic shops, and restaurants. Cedarville, centrally located in the cattle ranching hub of Surprise Valley, is home to an unusual exhibit of historically significant buildings relocated to Cedarville, now comprising the mythical town of “Louisville”. The visit-worthy fictitious town consists of log cabins, a slaughterhouse, schoolhouse, water tower, and the old Fort Bidwell and Eagleville jails from the 1800s.

The Modoc National Forest and Bureau of Land Management offer several campgrounds with hundreds of family camping sites available. Modoc Country also provides a variety of bed & breakfast inns featuring amenities such as hot springs, ranch living, fishing, or wilderness access.

For further information contact the Alturas Chamber of Commerce.

Modoc Wildlife Refuge
The Modoc Wildlife Refuge is home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons, goshawks, golden eagles, and many other endangered species. Rocky Mountain mule deer and elk, wild horses, burros and pronghorn antelope are just a few of Modoc County’s happy inhabitants.
Crystal Ice Caves - Lava Beds National Monument
Over 700 lava tube caves – remnants of the arteries that transported lava from its source – are hidden within these flows. Crystal Ice Cave is open to park visitors in very good physical condition on small ranger-guided tours during the winter months.
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